Taksim - Flavours Of Istanbul

Taksim – Flavours of Istanbul – is a full course Turkish restaurant established in 2013; concept is successfully studied with the purpose of filling the gap of “high quality, gourmand, healthy fast-food” in the market.

Inviting for an original and authentic culinary experience with a contemporary interpretation, Taksim’s Turkish Chef’s leads the product development aiming to become mall visitors daily choice.

The Concept

Taksim owes it’s success of the brand in main principle for offering healthy, tasty food at the right price combining this with an impeccable customer service.

Prime materials like spices, sun dried vegetables, special sauces, all range of nuts and many other products are regularly imported from Istanbul to maintain the original flavours of Istanbul concept.

What Makes Us Original?

Taksim first invented tasteful recipes and then blend it with high quality ingredients by Turkish chefs who are well respected in their domains. This is the only brand that could create its own style and variety day by day.

Home style cooking gives the brand its uniqueness among the other restaurants operating in the shopping centres.

Just like home made

We only cook once in a clean pot in our kitchens, we cook “mom” like dishes.

We are natural

Our only natural ingredients are used complying with international standards.

We are tasty

We season high quality meat with different spices and fresh vegetables and marinate them skilfully.

We are healthy

We only use fresh vegetables and products. We use healthy cooking techniques without using any formation of trans fat.


The design of Taksim restaurants are inspired by historical and contemporary
life of Istanbul. Natural elements like copper, antibacterial black stone
and chrome are the main architectural finishing’s giving the unit an upscale look as well as ensuring a hygienic daily operation.

The authentic decoration reminds the guests the legendary Istanbul spice and Grand Bazaar and it’s open kitchen ensures transparency between the guest and the brand.

Large TV screens o ering short video clips from daily life in Istanbul and Turkish food maintains an interactive and dynamic connection with the guests as well as easing the waiting time making it enjoyable.


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